Books for download

The following books are offered as documentation for the purpose of free inquiry. We do not endorse them unless otherwise stated. Our philosophy and political outlook is national socialist.

Arnold Leese: Jewish Ritual Murder (1938) (0,4 Mb pdf)

Arnold Leese: Our Jewish Aristocracy (367 Kb pdf file) A list of english nobility partly of jewish descent. Published in the 1930ies. (0,4 Mb pdf)

Sarah Elizabeth Titcomb: Aryan Sun-myths the Origin of Religions (1889) (8 Mb pdf)

Edouard Drumont: La France Juive, part 1 (3.1 Mb pdf file) The jewish France part 1, published in 1886.

Edouard Drumont: La France Juive, part 2 (4.8 Mb pdf file) The jewish France part 2, published in 1886.

Arthur de Gobineau: Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines (1855) (8 Mb pdf)

Roger Gougenot des Mousseaux: Le Juif, Le Judaisme et La Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens (1869) (20 Mb pdf)

Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto (1.7 Mb zip file) Also includes his postings in norwegian at the zionist web site

The una-bomber manifesto (73 Kb zip file) Ted Kaczynski's manifesto that was originally published in the New York Times and Washington Post.